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Kommunikationsdesign in Mainz



No Doubt: About Decisions
Where are the limits of design? Three semesters of time for your own project with a focus on typography. Workshops, excursions, teamwork: the new Master's in Communication Design at Mainz University of Applied Sciences starts in October 2021.

When in doubt, give it the benefit of the doubt.


We live in changeable times. But crises also always mean opportunities for new beginnings.

The master No Doubt: About Decisions asks about currently urgent decisions: For our society as well as for us as designers.

Many questions arise: What is our social responsibility? What are the relevant issues? And what is my creative attitude? What are my individual strengths? How far can I go and how far do we have to go to achieve change? What can I achieve as a designer?

Decisions have to be made, always, also in design. But how do we create change? This includes: doubts about the familiar and the existing, experiments and setbacks, digressions and unexpected discoveries.

Together we will start a discourse in the Master's programme about what is necessary and what is superfluous. From this, we will develop conceptually sharpened typographic master projects that – ideally – leave no doubt.

The new Master "No Doubt: About Decisions" starts in October 2021. Three semesters of time for your own typography project, for workshops, excursions and coaching.

Directors of Studies

Subject specialisation

Workshops & Visiting Lecturers

What we have planned.

Through joint reflections and design experiments, we nourish the Master's projects. The content can be a project for an NGO or an independent campaign on socially relevant topics. It can ask questions about the editorial design of tomorrow or be a free augmented reality-based installation. Or what no one has thought of yet ...

The Master Communication Design is aimed both at those interested with a pronounced focus on typography or editorial design and at those who want to catch up: typographic expertise, technical backgrounds, gaining project experience, thinking about design. The Master's programme has also proven itself as a contact exchange for successful entry into professional life.

No Doubt: About Decisions

The Master’s programme in Communication Design at Mainz University of Applied Sciences trains up to sixteen Bachelor’s or Diploma graduates in the field of cross-media design practice and research. The aim is to expand design, conceptual and organisational skills.

Visual authors

As “visual authors”, designers take responsibility for the content, reflect social, technical and cultural contexts in their designs and organise extensive design projects in teams. The skills required for this are taught in the Communication Design Master’s programme in the context of complex design projects as well as in the development of an independent Master’s thesis.


  • 15 June 2021: Application deadline aptitude test with CV and portfolio
  • 1-2 July 2021: Interviews
  • 15 July 2021: Online application deadline
  • 4 October 2021: Start of term

Details regarding the application process are available at

Design in Mainz

The town where Johannes Gutenberg once invented typography is now home to one of the largest design departments in Germany. In the Communication Design degree programme, the use of type is a central focus. The Master’s programme deepens detailed typographic knowledge.