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Kommunikationsdesign in Mainz


Master 2019: Stuffed Birds

illustration, editorial design, advertising

no idea is not a good idea.

Some ideas you can laugh at, others you don’t get. And some ideas are just dreadfully stupid. But ideas are what drive communication design. If you agree and after having finished your Bachelor’s degree, feel like something more could happen, than you should apply for Stuffed Birds. Whether you see your main focus in illustration, editorial design or advertising doesn’t matter – perhaps you haven’t even decided yet; in any case in our Master Studies Program you will think first, then act.

what we have planned.

Stuffed Birds begins in autumn 2019. In the first two semesters you will deepen your knowledge and improve your ability to recognize ideas and implement them. Amongst other things you will illustrate a book and conceive a social campaign. What is important to us: the projects are to be practical, not theoretical. As cooperation partners we were able to win over the Büchergilde Gutenberg and the Institut für sozial-ökologische Forschung.

Christoph Niemann will give an impromptu assignment. Alexandra Zsigmond, who was an art director at The New York Times for eight years, will be leading a workshop with you lasting several days. Other impromptu assignments and workshops are planned. With the help of psychology and marketing you will learn how to prepare and carry through tasks strategically and be be doing research that is practice-driven. The core of instruction takes place on Tuesdays. Workshops, excursions and theoretical courses take place on other weekdays. In the third semester you will have time for your master thesis.

who we are.

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