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Kommunikationsdesign in Mainz

Projekt · Bachelor

Identity Cut

Hairstyles have a long history as a means of expressing the identity and individuality of people in different societies and structures. They serve not only to change one’s appearance but also as a means of communication to express specific social group affiliations or individual characteristics. In this context, hairstyles are not only an expression of personal aesthetic preferences but also reflect cultural and social norms. It is essential to accept and celebrate that there are many different types of hair and hairstyles, all of which are equally valid. No one should feel discriminated against or disadvantaged because of their hair. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in our society.

Furthermore, certain hairstyles are not accepted because they do not correspond to the social image. One’s individuality is restricted, causing certain people to be discriminated against by their hairstyle alone. It is generally challenging to escape beauty trends and accept one’s hair as it is. In particular, social media has led to an oversaturation of the „perfect“ image in recent years, limiting the development of individuality. Whether society will accept hairstyles of all kinds in our everyday lives in the coming years remains to be seen. The accompanying photo work shows people identifying themselves through their hair, breaking out of social norms and wearing their hair the way they like it. So let’s put aside the old-fashioned, entrenched values and expectations and focus on the creative and individual expression made possible by hairstyles. Short or long, curly or straight, braided or pinned - every hairstyle is beautiful and part of one’s identity.

Vimeo-Link: https://vimeo.com/877626911?share=copy

Fotografien + Titelbild: © Mana Mohammadi