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Katja Davar

Professorin für Zeichnen

Albrecht Fuchs, Portrait Katja Davar

Katja Davar is a British-German artist and educator whose work spans a variety of mediums, the core of which is drawing.

Her work alternates between the universal and the intimate, her drawings are invented and processed worlds. Her approach stems from an interest in geology, economics, diagrams and notation systems and she looks at the archaic in order to understand the technological progress of today. Katja Davar references literature and poetry in her multi-layered work which often appears in the form of hybrid landscape somewhere between an interior territory and a self-constructed, phantasmal universe.

Current projects include a series of drawings focused around the concept of the Cloud as one of the most powerful metaphors of our time - an architecture of computation that envelopes the entire planet. Katja Davar has exhibited extensively internationally at a wide range of institutions and galleries. Her works are included in many public and private collections.

Coding in the Garden, (detail) 2021

Teaching activities

Certain themes persist in her teaching: the potential of mark-making, language systems and vernacular styles and how we process and interpret visual information, all of which are connected to drawing as a discipline. Research interests often develop from working closely with students in drawing and print projects, one example being the relationships that humans and non -humans have with their environments.

Most recently this has been related to energy extraction and transmission. Publications developed with students and guests include; Electroscapes (2018) Verlag der Hochschule Mainz, Printing Matters, Aktuelle Graphik im Spiegel von Dürer, Cranach und van Ruisdael (2014) Galerie der Stadt Backnang.

History and Consequence, 2021

Selected Publications